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Who we are

Ours is the FIRST LICENSED COMPANY to manufacture pre-recorded audio cassettes in South- India.

H.M.MAHESH is the brain behind this venture, being the founder of this great institution.

H.M.Mahesh, with his love for music and a background in the business of producing very successful programmes in Kannada and in marketing gramophone records, could create his own empire within a very short period of time under the banner SANGEETHA.

He could secure permission from the Department of Industries & Commerce in 1979; obtain necessary Import License from the Joint Controller of Imports & Exports; Financial aids from Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation and also from Indian Bank to commence marketing from March,1980, with releases of FIRST set of 10 music cassettes.

We released about 200 titles in the first year of operation and the releases crossed around 2000 titles by 1998. Programmes earlier released on only music cassettes and gramophone records later got released on Compact Discs also from 1994.

We had some marketing arrangements with "The Gramophone Company of India" (now, Saregama India ltd) from 1998 to 2002; With Crescendo Music Pvt Ltd, Mumbai from 2002 to 2005 and with M/s.Aananda Audio Video, Bangalore from 2005 to 2017 for our Kannada repertoire and M/s. Kosmic Music Pvt.Ltd, Chennai for our repertoire other than in Kannada . We are thankful to all our Patrons, Well-wishers, Supporters, Artistes, Producers, Music lovers, Customers, Dealers, Stockists, Marketing Agencies and also our dedicated staff members who have been instrumental to our achievements.

As allied activities, we have two other divisions – namely SANGEETHAA AGENCIES and SANGEETHA PROPERTIES.

We have a sister concern VIJAY STEREOPHONIC SOUND STUDIO. This is a state of art audio recording studio, with modern recording facilities, established in 1982. (Contact for Vijay-SSS : vijaysss82@yahoo.com)

Articles in Weekly and Newspapers

  • First Licensed pre recorded cassette manufacturers in South India – Licensed in 1979.
  • Owners of largest collections of recordings in South Indian Classical and Dance music.
  • Having more than 200 programmes recorded by Padmavibhushan Dr. Mangalampally Balamuralikrishna – a record published in Limca Book of Records.
  • Having more than 28 titles by Padmasri Dr.Rajkumar in Kannada devotional and more than 27 of his Kannada films.
  • First to have a bin-loop cassette duplication system in south India in 1990.

We brought out cassettes of the first recorded music of several leading artistes like Bombay Sisters,Kadri Gopalnath,Mandolin U.Srinivas, Bombay Jayashree,Ganesh & Kumaresh and many more talents.

Recognitions and Awards

  • Executive Committee member in INDIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY, till 1998.
  • Member of Phonographic Performance Ltd.
  • Member of Intellectual Property Rights Society of India.
  • Member of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

rajyotsava award HM Mahesh -Rajyotsava award
Availability of our Programmes

Considering the present market trends, we have made some changes in our website and also in the marketing set up. We are furnishing the following details to assist in getting your choice of music in digital formats from any of these options:

For Mobiles / YouTube / Internet - :

Contact: M/s. ADITYA MUSIC (India) Pvt. Ltd,

3­5­1091/7, Venkateswara Colony, Narayanaguda, HYDERABAD - 500029
Email ID:info@adityamusicindia.com
Contact Person: ADITYA GUPTA
You may view our songs / tracks on YouTube channels of ADITYA MUSIC

You may watch our Music on our Official Channel @youtube.com/sangeethamusics and subscribe to youtube.com/sangeethamusics for updates.

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