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Email us a question or describe the problem you are facing to sangeethamrc@gmail.com

Help Guides

Help Guides

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How do I register ?

Click on “REGISTER” and complete all the columns with relevant details. 

How do I LOG-IN ?

Click on 'LOG-IN' from the top menu & enter your ‘user name “and “ password”.

I Can't Remember My Username and/or Password, What Do I Do ?

Click on Forgot password and enter your email address. Your username & password will be sent to your email.

What is A to Z catalogue ?

All our programmes are listed in alphabetical order, for you to locate any particular programme, easily. You may click “OUR CATALOGUE” also to find by category.

How do I download songs from the website ?

Once you checkout your cart with successful payments you will be able to download songs from YOUR ACCOUNT (Registered members).

What if I found a song corrupt?

Having paid the charges, if you face any challenge in downloading, kindly contact us using the REPORT PROBLEM option in each album page. You could also send us a feedback using CONTACT FROM provided under CONTACT US. We will verify the facts, attend to glitches, if any, and arrange to resolve the issue. The technical team would reply to your mail id and confirm having done the rectification, enabling you to download such tracks from your account with our website.

Cancellation and Refund

Once a payment is made at the payment gateway there can be no cancellation of the order or refund of the payment made. Please make sure that you have made the correct choice of the album/tracks before making any payments.

How to search for songs?

We are here to help you! No Worries! You can search the whole collection of songs categorically. Please do refer the image below for a quick understanding on how it is to be done.

Player is mute. How to un-mute!

Refer images below for a quick understanding.

this is mute position


This is un mute position


How do I preview the song?

Just click the image that resembles the one below in the same row as the song. Voila you can now listen to the preview

How do I add a song to cart?

Just click the image that resembles the one below in the same row as the song. Voila your song is added to cart! You can now continue shopping for other songs or step right on to buying it. Just click cart on top right of your page!

How do I buy a song directly?

Just click the image that resembles the one below in the same row as the song. Ready to buy!




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